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In response to the recent developments on the pandemic front, the Festival team decided to postpone this year's event later in time, in order to ensure it is carried out smoothly and safely for all - employees and spectators.

34th Panorama of European Cinema is transferred 2 months later, and is going to take place online, from Thursday 27/1 to Wednesday 2/2. Additionaly part of the event will be hosted in Athens cinemas.

More coming soon.

Until then, we wish you Happy Holidays and Health for all!

33rd Panorama of European Cinema - International Competition Section

Here are the Awards of this year's 33rd edition:

On Saturday 5/12, at 8.00 p.m., on the festival's YouTube channel

the Awards of this year's 33rd edition

will be announced online by this year's Juries.

Διαδικτυακή συζήτηση με θέμα τη διανομή των ελληνικών κινηματογραφικών ταινιών,

πραγματοποιήθηκε, μέσω zoom, την Τετάρτη 2 Δεκεμβρίου, στο κανάλι του φεστιβάλ στο YouTube.

Ολόκληρη τη συζήτηση μπορείτε να τη δείτε, εδώ.





On Wednesday, December 2, from 19.00 to 20.30,

an online discussion will be held via zoom about the distribution of Greek films.

The audience will be able to watch it live streaming on the Festival’s YouTube Channel.


The 33rd Panorama of European Cinema

goes online

on Wednesday morning 25/11, at 10.00 am.


This year, our films are available online, for free, via the cinesquare platform.

Find the basic information you need to know about our screenings

and how to watch the films in 3 simple steps, here.

We present you the films that will compete in this year's International Competition Section & the Juries

as well as the last two tributes for this year's 33rd edition of the Festival:

"1821 and the Wars of Independence" - Revolutions and Struggles for Independence in films,

"Post-Apocalyptic Images of an Uncertain Future", a future which often the cinema has painted with scary images

 in films that create chills but also questions and thoughts about life itself and its essence.

Finally we present you a programme of short films by film schools New York College & Horme Pictures.


Video created by Fokion Bogris

Music track: "The Race" by Innerspeaker from their album "Into The Voodoo Lab"

Innerspeaker @ YouTube:


Our programme in pdf format will be available shortly.

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