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Γαλλία/France, Αλγερία/Algeria, 1969, έγχρ./col.

Σκην./Dir.: Κώστας Γαβράς/Costa Gavras | Σεν./Scr.: Κώστας Γαβράς/Costa Gavras, Jorge Semprún | Φωτ./Cin.: Raoul Coutard | Μοντ./Ed.: Françoise Bonnot | Μουσ./Mus.: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης/Mikis Theodorakis | Ηθ./Cast: Yves Montand, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Ειρήνη Παππά/Irene Papas, Jacques Perrin | Παρ./Prod.: Ahmed Rachedi, Jacques Perrin | Διάρκεια/Dur.: 127’

In a military-led country, a pacifist organization, which supports the opposition party in the government, is planning on holding an anti-military demonstration. The organization's leader is scheduled to arrive the day of the demonstration. During the protest, some strangers manage to assassinate him. The official report is that the incident was an accident. In reality, the deputy's death was murder orchestrated by the secret police. Thrown into the mix is a photojournalist who's looking for the truth.

Based on Vassilis Vassilikos’novel of the same name.

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