EFA Shorts (1)

15 Short Film, awarded by UIP


THE WHOLLY FAMILY (Πλήρης, Οσία Οικογένεια)
UIP award in Drama Short Film Festival
 by Terry Gilliam (Ιταλία/Italy 2011, 20’, fiction)


An American couple is on a holiday in Naples with their son Jake. The couple is constantly arguing because of the caprices of the child and does not realize having lost their son. Jake stopped at a stall, attracted by the carved shapes of Pulcinella. It’s sight will accompany him on a dreamlike journey throughout the most hidden places and symbols of Naples.



Βραβείο UIP φεστιβάλ Βενετίας
του Josef Dabernig (Αυστρία/Austria 2011, 17’, πειραματικό)


The crisis of a poet in meditative and mysterious ways. The location is a former Soviet artist's home. For the jury, the filmmaker "presents a clever, concise examination of creative block and cultural entropy”.

Josef Dabernig Hypercrisis 13

OPOWIESCI Z CHLODNI (Παγωμένες Ιστορίες)

UIP award in Locarno Film Festival
by Josef Dabernig (Πολωνία/Poland 2011, 26’, fiction)


Two supermarket workers under the pressure of the boss have to mobilize themselves. They have only two days to find a goal in life. They decide to participate in the TV program "The unhappiest person of the month".



TSE (Έξω)
UIP award in Sarajevo Film Festival
by Roee Rosen (Isreal 2011, 35’, fiction)

The central scene depicts a domination/submission thrashing, set in a mundane living room. But in this session, the painful blows meted out by the Dom cause the sub to spew out sentences, all of which are quotes from Israel’s right-wing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman.



DIMANCHES (Κυριακές)
UIP award in Vila Do Conde Festival
by Valéry Rosier (Βέλγιο/Belgium 2011, 16’, fiction)

A reflection on Sundays or how Mankind faces the passage of time. That free time we are trying to fill at all costs. That same time we look at passing by, with laughter or boredom.



LA GRAN CARRERA (Η Μεγάλη Κούρσα)
UIP award in Grimstad Film Festival
by Kote Camacho (Ισπανία/Spain 2010, 7’, fiction)


The film documents the Lasarte horse race of 1914 with its never-before-seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registered. Fans and gamblers from all continents gather to participate in the great event.

la gran carrera


UIP award in Krakov Film Festival
by Piotr Bernaś (Πολωνία/Poland 2010, 33’, documentary)


The story follows the work of a Polish paparazzo who, just like his Western colleagues, follows the rich and the famous, hunting for sensation. But unlike those in Los Angeles, Polish celebrities lead boring lives. That is why the paparazzo, tempted by big money, decides to play for really high stakes.



APELE TAC (Σιωπηλό Ποτάμι)
UIP award inTampere Film Festival
by Anca Miruna Lăzărescu (Γερμανία-Ρουμανία/Germany-Romania 2011, 30’, fiction)


A man and a woman try to flee Romania. Both need each other, yet there is mutual distrust. One night Gregor finds his doubts confirmed. In the end only hope is left.

apele tac



UIP award in Berlin Film Festival
by Hugo Lilja (Σουηδία/Sweden 2010, 28’, fiction)


Set in a society 30 years after a zombie outbreak when people have got used to living alongside them. Zombies are a cheap source of labour. Zombie-hunter like Katrin and Mark are catching and taming them. Their relationship is already on the verge of falling apart, when Mark brings someone home.



I LUPI (Οι Λύκοι)
UIP award in Rotterdam Film Festival
by Alberto de Michele (Ιταλία-Κάτω Χώρες/Italy-Netherlands 2010, 17’, documentary)

This documentary short tells the story of a group of 40-to 70-year old thieves from the north of Italy called ‘I Lupi’, the Wolves. The only time they steal is when it`s very foggy. The fog makes everything invisible including them. They rob houses, banks, jewelers, trucks - everything they can profit from. “I Lupi” was made in collaboration with the Wolves.

THE wolves


 UIP award in Angers Film Festival
by Mariejosephin Schneider (Γερμανία/Germany 2010, 31’, fiction)

Eleven-year-old Jessi lives with a foster family. Her mother is in prison. Her longing for identity takes her back to the village she grew up in. Here she discovers that her search will have to continue beyond the confines of her old life.



UIP award in Bristol Film Festival
by Paul Negoescu (Ρουμανία/Romania 2010, 15’, fiction)

The story of a man who, before dinner, believes he hears his teenage daughter having sex. At dinner, the family gathers around the kitchen table with the girl’s boyfriend present. The father provokes a conversation, which leads the father and the boy to find out that they are fans of the two rival soccer teams of Bucharest.



HÄNDELSE VID BANK (Συμβάν Σε Τράπεζα)
UIP award in Krok Film Festival
by Ruben Östlund (Σουηδία/Sweden 2010, 12’, fiction)

A detailed and humorous reconstruction of a failed bank robbery witnessed in June 2006. A realtime study with over 96 people choreographed for the camera.



SMÅ BARN, STORA ORD (Μικρά Παιδιά, Μεγάλα Λόγια)
UIP award in Vagiadolid
by Lisa James-Larsson (Σουηδία/Sweden 2010, 12’, fiction)


An uncomfortable discussion begins when it’s Alex’s turn to tell his seven year old class mates what he wants to be when he grows up. The teacher’s explanation reveals her own story – a story of victim and offender.

little children


UIP award in Ghent Film Festival
by Daniel Joseph Borgman (Δανία/Denmark 2010, 16’, fiction)


Berik, 33, blind and deformed due to radiation poisoning, spends his days at home alone, while his brother is at work. That is until Adil, 11, the smallest and least popular of the kids in the apartment block, turns up on Berik's doorstep looking for the local bully’s football, which he has lost.


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