Χαιρετίσματα στην Ευρώπη
Ελλάδα/Greece, 2012, εγχ./col.
Dir.: Nikos Alevras. Scr.: Nikos Alevras. Cin.: Nikos Alevras. Ed.: Maria Skoula. Mus.: Alexandros Papadiamantis. Cast: Nikos Alevras. Prod.: Lallouda. Dur.: 92΄.

After 2 years of daily filming, 100 hours of film material, 1 year in montage “Farewell to Europe” was born. According to its creator the most brutal, violent, delicate, subversive film ever made about love and revolution. A delightful musical comedy/tragedy focusing on the constant loneliness and depression of the German family which has -completely- lost the Greek erotic thought!




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