Lilly’s story

Η ιστορία της Λίλυ
(Lilly's story)

Σλοβενία-Γαλλία-Ελλάδα, 2002, εγχ.
Σκην.: Ροβήρος Μανθούλης. Σεν.: Ροβήρος Μανθούλης. Φωτ.: Νίκος Καβουκίδης. Μοντ.: Γιώργος Χελιδονίδης. Μουσ.: Νίκος Μαμαγκάκης. Ηθ.: Bruno Putzulu, Juliette Andréa, Γιώργος Βογιατζής, Μηνάς Χατζησάββας. Παρ.: ArtCam International, Canal+, Casablanca Films, ERT, Slovenian Film Fund. Διάρκεια: 130΄.

In the early ‘70s, M. Mercouri was discussing with R. Manthoulis about a film that would expose everything that was happening in Greece during the dictatorship. Thirty years later, R. Manthoulis completed this idea about the tragic and comic events in the life of the exiled Greeks in Paris after the 1967 coup.


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