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Τhe killing of a Chinese bookie

O θάνατος ενός Κινέζου μπούκι
(The killing of a Chinese bookie)

ΗΠΑ, 1978, εγχ.
Σκην.: John Cassavetes. Σεν.: John Cassavetes. Φωτ.: Mitchell Breit, Al Ruban. Μοντ.: Tom Cornwell. Μουσ.: Bo Harwood. Ηθ.: Ben Gazzara, Seymour Cassel, Al Ruban, Meade Roberts. Παρ.: Faces International Films Inc.. Διάρκεια: 108΄.

Cosmo Vitelli, a nightclub owner is a model of restraint, and self-deception. His world gets upside down when he starts owing money to the mob after losing a poker game. His survival depends on the death of another person: a Chinese bookmaker. A blazingly dark film noir that was underrated on its original release to be held, later on, a masterpiece.