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A Second Viewing

33rd Panorama of European Cinema-online edition

will be held from 25/11 to 4/12

through CINESQUARE platform



“A Second Viewing”

Greek films that did not get the distribution they deserved.


A brief note from the artistic director of the Festival Ninos Fenek Mikelides:




"It is a sad fact that in recent decades, the distribution of Greek films has been random and casual. The few distributors who decide to distribute a Greek film to movie theatres, usually try to fit these films in the programme among other "more commercial" films or stand in queue to have them screened at the end of the season, when the moviegoers' attendance to movie theatres starts to diminish. From time to time, consultants in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the Greek Film Centre's Board of Directors and other experts have proposed or tried to propose a plan, ways to solve this problem, such as the decision of the Greek Film Centre in the 80's to subsidize movie theatres to screen a certain number of Greek films. This year's tribute entitled "A Second Viewing" aims to showcase the films that for those or other reasons -that have nothing to do with the film's artistic value- did not get the distribution they deserved. All the above regarding the Greek distribution market need to be discussed as soon as possible by those who are concerned -directors, producers, unions of the film industry and the State it self- if we want the domestic market to be supported, as it happens in other European countries."

-Ninos Fenek Mikelides


The following films will be screened (alphabetically):

Do It Yourself (2017)

Forever (2014)

Forget Me Not (2014)

Hail Arcadia (2015)

Lines (2016)

Norway (2014)

Onslaught (Risalto) (2016)

Smac (2015)