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Paradise In The West? Migration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors

33rd Panorama of European Cinema-online edition

will be held from 25/11 to 4/12

through CINESQUARE platform



"Paradise In The West?"

Μigration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors Tribute.


A brief note from the artistic director of the Festival Ninos Fenek Mikelides:


PARADISE IN THE WEST? Migration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors


"The Greek people are, undoubtedly, familiar with migration, as Greece, for the last two centuries, has been one of the most important emigration countries. A significant part of the Greek population left their traditional homeland for economic reasons -poverty and unemployment- and later for political reasons, seeking a better life, in a supposed paradise, a 'Promised Land' in foreign countries. A large migratory wave of Greek emigrants turned to countries such as America (Elia Kazan's film "America America" has shown us images of those transatlantic migratory flows) and to countries such as Canada, Australia, as well as the Eastern European Countries and France (fleeing especially after the Greek Civil War) and later on to Germany. A number of important Greek documentaries from the sixties bear witness to these waves of outward migration that once characterized Greece.

Although during the period of "Greek prosperity" the massive migration waves from Greece to other countries seemed to have ceased, during the recent years, a "new" Greek wave of emigration was spurred by the economic crisis and the Memorandums that followed with highly skilled young professionals that had to leave their country for financial reasons. Furthermore, during the past few years we witness the transformation of Greece into a receiving country. Immigrants from Albania, Poland, Asia and Africa, countries of the so-called "third world" that suffer from poverty, unemployment and political persecution, now seek refuge in Greece.

The phenomenon of migration has affected the world as well as the Greek cinema. Greek filmmakers have brought stories of immigrants to life through harrowing images of fiction films and documentaries, presenting their point of view on this matter. These images, from recent migration flows, a very complex issue for which, unfortunately, Europe has been unable to provide a fair and humanitarian solution, we are now presenting in this year's programme of the 33rd Panorama of European Cinema." -Ninos Fenek Mikelides



PARADISE IN THE WEST? Migration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors

 The following films will be screened (alphabetically):


"10TH DAY" - Vasilis Mazomenos (2012)

"AMERIKA SQUARE" - Yannis Sakaridis (2016)

"EDUART" - Angeliki Antoniou (2006)

"EUROPE, THE DREAM" - Anneta Papathanasiou, Angelos Kovotsos (2018)

"FROM THE SNOW" - Sotiris Goritsas (1993)

"OVIL AND USMAN" - Dimitris Yeros (2019)

"SPECTRES ARE HAUNTING EUROPE" - Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari (2016)

"WORLDS APART" - Christopher Papakaliatis (2015)