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Dolce fine giornata (Słodki koniec dnia)

Dolce fine giornata (Słodki koniec dnia)

Jacek Borcuch - Poland - 2019 - col.

Director: Jacek Borcuch 

Screenplay: Jacek Borcuch, Marcin Cecko, Szczepan Twardoch | Cinematographer: Michal Dymek 

Editor: Przemyslaw Chruscielewski | Music: Daniel Bloom 

Cast: Krystyna Janda, Antonio Catania, Lorenzo de Moor, Robin Renucci 

Producer: Marta Habior, Marta Lewandowska | Production: No Sugar Films

Sales: Films Boutique | Running Time: 92'


Maria Linde, a free-spirited, Jewish Polish Nobel Prize in Literature winner, leads a seemingly calm life in her family's villa in Tuscany. A loving mother and grandmother, she also fosters a secret flirtation with the much younger Muslim immigrant who runs a nearby seaside inn. After a terrorist attack in Rome, Maria refuses to succumb to the hysterical fear and anti-immigrant sentiment that quickly emerges, deciding, in her acceptance speech of a local honor, to boldly decry Europe's eroding democracy—but she is unprepared for the public and personal havoc her comments wreak.

World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival.




Selected Filmography:

Lasting (Nieulotne) (2013)
All that I Love (Wszystko, co kocham) (2009)
Tulips (Tulipany) (2004)
Kallafiorr (2000)


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