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Closing Ceremony Awarding Films and Celebrities

On Monday, 26 November, 8pm at Odeon OPERA cinema theater, took place the closing ceremony of the 25th Panorama of European Cinema, awarding the prizes of the competition section and the special prizes of the festival, followed by the avant-premiere screening of the much-awaited film «The Paperboy» by Lee Daniels.

The closing ceremony of the 25th Panorama was held at Odeon OPERA cinema theater, attended by representatives from cinema and art scene, as well as journalists and film-goers. Besides the honored celebrities of the night, additional guests were the directors Dimitris Athanitis, Nikos Alevras, Vasilis Vafeas, Dionysis Grigorators, Giorgos Karypidis, Nikos Kornilios, Dimitris Makris, Olga Malea, Nikos Perakis, and Costas Ferris, the couple Giorgos and Anna Dalara, the actor Dimitris Piatas, the photograph director Yannis Daskalothanasis, the visual artist Giannis Psichopaidis, the writer Zirrana Zateli, the jouralist Serafim Fintanidis, the General Director of Contemporary Culture for the Ministry of Culture Zoe Kazazaki, the member of ERT’s BoD Charis Papadopoulos, and the General Director of the Greek Film Center Gregory Karantinakis. The host of the ceremony was the art director of the Festival, Ninos Fenek Mikelidis.

Mr. Mikelidis referred to the unprecedented adverse conditions in which Panorama was realized, he thanked those who assisted in the materialization of the festival, as well as Panorama’s small group of people, adding:

«We had collaborated with Eleftherotypia for 20 years, then Athens Municipality took over the organization of Panorama, and the past two years we have been on our own, with minimal to no budget. Next year we are considering to issue a piggy-bank so as to collect funds. Nevertheless, art needs reinforcement and encouragement. It is a monumentous task by Greek directors to shoot films».

Then he referred to the demise of Theodoros Angelopoulos, who had once said that «culture is a remedy» and commented that «we do not want caviar, as long as they provide us bread and olives».

He referred to the directors that Panorama has honored these past 25 years, and concluded by reading out a short message of support, send to the administration of the festival by the established British director Ken Loach:

«Greetings to my friends at Panorama. It is amazing and admirable that you are operating this year, despite all the issues you are faced with. I congratulate you. Many people are shocked with what was enforced to Greece by the European Union. We need a new Union of Europeans, based on the needs of the people and collective abilities, and not on the demands by big corporations. Perhaps some day...

Kind Regards, Ken»

The Closing Ceremony begun by awarding the honorary prizes to celebrities for their contribution to the art of cinema. This year’s awarded celebrities were the director Dionysis Grigoratos, the actress Dimitra Hatoupi, and the set decorator Ioulia Stavridou

Dimitra Hatoupi joked that usually such a prize is received at the end of one’s career, and congratulated the Festival, pointing out how vital it is to continue making films and theater. She underlined that the public filled the Greek Film Archive  during the screenings of Panorama, and mentioned that it is a sign of hope to see Greek directors are uniting their forces.

Dionysis Grigoratos thanked Panorama for the honor to be awarded, as well as the audience, which is mainly the body of Panorama. Additionally, he made a special mention to the director of the festival, who overcame any difficulties, seeking and offering films that are without distribution.

Katerina Evaggelatou collected the prize on behalf of Ioulia Stavridou, and she referred to the significance attributed by Panorama, to the Greek Cinema.

Succeeding the honorary prizes, were the prizes awarded to the films selected from the competition section of the festival. First was the Audience Prize, by the five-membered jury comprised from readers of «Athinorama» magazine,  selecting one of the 10 films competing this year. The prize was awarded to the Turkish film «Night of Silence» (Lal Gece), by Reis Çelik, depicting the story of a young girl, at an isolated village in Anatolia, who is offered up as a bride to an older man, and attempts to avoid, through various techniques the inevitable end of her first night as a married woman. In the absence of the director, the prize was received by the First Advisor of the Turkish Embasy, Ms. Yesim Kebapcioglu.

Then was awarded the prize of the International Federation of Cinema (FIPRESCI). The three-members of the jury were Carmen Gray (film critic for The Guadian newspaper and Sight & Sound magazine) from Great Britain, Esin Küçüktepepınar (film critic for Sabah newspaper) from Turkey, and Nestoras Poulakos (film critic for «Dromos» newspaper and film portal) from Greece. The prize, which will be entitled from now on «prize in honor of Theodoros Angelopoulos» was awarded by the wife of the deceased director, Phoebe Angelopoulou, to the film «Night of Silence», by Reis Çelik, which was once more received by the First Advisor of the Turkish Embassy Yesim Kebapcioglu.

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The prizes by the critics’ jury of the festival, which was comprised by the directors Menelaos Karamaghiolis and Nicholas Triandafyllidis, the actress Dimitra Hatoupi, and the photography director Katerina Maragoudaki. Panorama’s critics’ jury awarded the Special Prize  to the film «10th Day» by Vassillis Mazomenos, the Artistic Achievement Prize was awarded to the film «La noche de enfrente» by Raoul Rouiz, and the Director’s Prize to the film «J’enrage de son absence» by Sandrine Bonnaire. The prizes for Artistic Achievement and Direction were received by Natassa Giannaraki from the Audiovisual Department of the French Embassy, on behalf of the directors. 

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Concluding, the first prize for best film was unanimously awarded to the film «Death of a Man in the Balkans» by the Serbian director Miroslav Momcilovic, «for his innovative way of depicting the suicide of a man, by constituting him as a protagonist, director and viewer at the same time. Via a digital camera broadcasting live online, thus making theater into cinema, referencing the steady frames of Georges Méliès. Masterfully setting grotesque reactions of the human nature within a corroded social framework, and creates in cinema what everyone might have been pondering about: other people’s reactions following our death». In the absence of the director, the prize was received by the Serbian Ambassador in Greece, the honorable Mr. Dragan Zupanjevac.

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Mr. Mikelidis concluded the ceremony wishing to renew his date with the public next year, at the 26th Panorama of European Cinema. 

At the end of the closing ceremony, the viewers watched the avant-premiere screening of the much-awaited film «The Paperboy», directed by Lee Daniels, starring Matthew MacConaughey, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack and Zac Efron. The screening took place in collaboration with the distribution company Odeon S.A.

The evening concluded at the café/bar Floral, in a festive atmosphere surrounding both the guests and the festival’s team.


This year Panorama premiered on 14 November 2012, at Asty cinema, with the premiere screening of the British film «Anna Karenina» by Joe Wright. From the 15th up to the 25th of November, included eleven days of screenings, and the fans of good films from Europe and from the rest of the world, had the opportunity to watch over 90 films, through a series of tributes held at the two cinemas of the Greek Film Archive, and Titania Cinemax.

Within the framework of additional events, a series of discussions took place at IANOS bookstore, and at the Greek Film Archive: In cooperation with House of Cyprus, in the framework of the Tribute to Cypriot Cinema, discussion on «Cypriot Cinema and Politics», introduction-presentation of the unkown film work of Adonis Kyrou, round-table discussion  in view of the 60th anniversary of the French film magazine Positif, featuring guest the film critic and directing editor of the magazine, Michel Ciment, in the framework of the tribute to «Neo-Turkish Cinema - From Yilmaz Güney to Bilge Ceylan», and in cooperation with the Pan-Hellenic Union of Cinema Critics open discussion, entitled «The Contemporary Turkish Cinema» - with guest speaker the Turkish director Ali Özgentürk, as well as the discussion with the four Greek directors, whose films were included in the program of the festival.

This was the 25th year that Panorama of European Cinema was held, renewing its promise to the public, to exhibit European, along with Greek cinema, without ommiting cinemas from around the world.